Miui X2 Theme

for Go/Apex/Nova/Holo/ADW/ Launcher

This is one of my first Miui Themes for Go/Apex/Nova/ADW Launcher. It is based on the old Design of Miui V2. Still good looking, but not anymore extended by the Community of is it continued by TwiPi Production. It extends the standard 50 Icons to around 1300 Icons and growing continuously. This Theme is one of my biggest GoLauncher Themes and of the most recommended in the Market.Have fun with it and let me know if you need some Icons.

Miui X2 GoLauncher Theme

Featured Image

Awesome App Feature

  • Go/Apex/Nova/ADW Launcher Theme

  • Over 1300 Icons and growing

  • HDPI and MDPI Screen compatible

  • 84 Pixel Icons ( high quality and perfect for )

  • New Folder Design

  • New App Drawer Design

  • Cool Wallpaper


Version 3.2

  • ADDED 29 NEW Icons and UPDATED 5 OLD Icons (Pro)

  • ADDED a lot of new Activity Names

  • CLEANED Up The Theme


>>> Overview about all new ICONS

Video Preview


  • Screenshot Theme 1
  • Screenshot Theme 2
  • Screenshot Theme 3
  • Screenshot Theme 4

Icon Download


Here you will find the latest ZIP with all Icons as PNG Files.

Download MIUI X2 PNG Files


Big thanks goes to the whole Project Vexilum Community who made a lot of Icons. I also wanna thank the creators of MIUI V4 and all Communities and boards who supporting the development of MIUI. Big thanks goes also to PhysX for providing us with a good template.